Friday, 25 July 2014

Daisy' s Birthday

I can't believe 5 years has passed since the birth of my grandaughter Daisy. She was born 12 weeks premature and was a teeny tiny baby and caused us so much worry. Now she is a bright, beautiful, chatty, strong, healthy little girl so full of life and mischief. More than able to keep up with her boisterous brothers and cousins.

Daisy had asked me to make her a birthday cake and cupcakes for her party. The theme was “Frozen” which is her favourite Disney movie. I was quite daunted when Daisy showed me images of the birthday cakes she liked. I decided I needed some help so I did a search on eBay and managed to buy a "Frozen Scene" made out of edible rice/wafer paper. It arrives flat packed and you have to cut out all of the pieces which is quite a chore but over all I was very pleased with the effect.
I borrowed a snow flake cutter from a friend and made lots of fondant snowflakes to decorate the sides of the cake and finished off with a piped butter cream edging.

What do you think.........................

Daisy was really pleased and if you don't look to closely I think the cake has turned out well. The biggest worry was transporting the birthday cake and cupcakes to the party; however we did manage to arrive with everything intact.

I'm glad I have some breathing space before the next birthday, it keeps me busy having 6 grandchildren, although Laura is a fab cake maker.

talk soon x

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Happy Days

Few words mainly happy faces today..............

playing with cars.

once he had a bite it was gone in a flash

chip butties - what a treat

just a few special moments

talk soon x

Fun in the City - Day 2

I packed such a lot into my little mini city break with Kate and as an added bonus Laura managed to join us for a day and a night as she was interviewing in London. Poor Vicky wasn't very happy that she couldn't come as well but we bought her a present from her favourite sports wear shop - Sweaty Betty, surprisingly enough it's not a shop I regularly visit! I did visit one of my very favourite shops though "Anthropologie" we spent hours looking round the Kings Road branch. I may have to whisper this as I don't want to hurt any ones feelings and I might quickly change my mind but I think I might like Anthropologie more than Liberty - I can't believe I have just written that down!
We had a great time planning how we would overhaul our homes, especially the kitchen as they have such unusual and exquisite pieces, I pictured myself flouncing around in a beautiful long apron, so fussy and not a bit  practical ( it would take an hour to iron and who irons an apron, but so covetable). Laura and Kate had fun admiring the clothes and Kate was very tempted by a little black and white dress, we even ventured into the changing rooms which as you would expect was an uber cool distressed vintage space with a fabulous sofa.

As we were leaving the store we spied an amazing mini ceramic exhibition, which has given Kate some super ideas for work she could do with the boys next year. (Kate is Head of Art at a boy’s school)

When we finally left the store it was way past lunchtime so we stocked up on some tasty snacks and had our lunch in a very pretty Chelsea Park which was tucked away down a little side Street just off the Kings Road. We spent a lovely hour eating, chatting and resting our weary feet, and also sampling a very nice chilled bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, very decadent to be drinking wine at lunchtime in the sunshine - bliss.

Then a little more shopping and I bought a lovely dress from COS  they have  lovely clothes, we were all tempted, but unfortunately I forgot to take any photos.

It was soon time to collect Jakey from Nursery and then back to Kate's to think about preparing dinner and starting my packing ready to go home the following morning.

I set off home around mid morning accompanied by Kate and Laura who insisted on carrying my suitcase and bags. We stopped off at Victoria to visit the newly opened Dutch shop Hema . When Kate was at University she spent nine months working at a design house in Holland and fell in love with this discount store so it brought back fond memories for us all.

Hema store at London Victoria

Yet more purchases to add to my collection. Then it was on to Euston where I caught my train home. It was a very peaceful journey after the hectic tube rides, my carriage was almost empty. I spent a lovely few hours making some crochet flowers for a project I have in mind.

I'm home now and have been busy catching up with everything and everyone. But feeling quite jealous as Kate has sent me two amazing photos of yarn bombing in Kew Gardens. She spent a lovely day in the gardens with one of her friend's, Jake had such fun picnicking and playing in the sunshine.

Another place to add to my must do list for my next visit.

talk soon x

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Fun in the City - Day 1

I spent a lovely few days with Kate and we had the opportunity to do lot's of fun things together. We visited a trade show, enjoyed a fair amount of shopping and managed to fit in some leisurely lunch breaks along the way. We were very fortunate with the weather and took the opportunity to eat alfresco as much as possible.

My journey to London on the Sunday wasn't quite as straight forward as usual due to a few tube closures but all in all it was a good journey and I managed a bit of crochet on the way. Sunday evening was spent watching the World Cup Final, and Jake won our family sweep stake with Zachy coming second.

On Monday morning we started out from Parsons Green enjoying the lovely sunshine and then tube hopped over to Angel in Islington where we visited a Children's trade show " Bubble" which was fun.

After looking around the show we had a quick coffee break and then went to find "Loop" a yarn store I have wanted to visit for ages but alas it was closed on a Monday. Undeterred we then set out to find Raystitch a wonderful haberdashery, only small but full of amazing treasures. I fell in love with the beautiful fabrics, such interesting and unusual patterns. I would love to join one of the sewing classes they offer but unfortunately a little far from home. After visiting Raystitch it was time for lunch and we sat outside in the sunshine at Planet Organic and enjoyed a very healthy lunch.

After we had eaten and replenished our energy levels it was time for another tube ride and we went to visit a lovely store called West Elm which is on Tottenham Court Rd. The shop was bursting with beautiful furniture, cookware, household goods, gifts, in fact lots of lovely things. We treated ourselves to a few bits and pieces and then called into the store next door, an amazing Paperchase with exciting goodies on three different floors - the biggest Paperchase I have ever seen with such a tempting array of brightly coloured things that you just must have!

Then it was time to pick up Jake, my lovely grandson, we had a quick play in the park and then home for his supper, bath time, story book and bed.

A lovely first day - more to tell you soon x

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Good morning .........................

Good morning it’s so lovely to be back. It was hard to start my post today as I didn’t know where to begin. I seemed to have lost June completely and now July is racing away from me. I have been really busy with my family, my mum has just had her second hip replacement and another close relative is very poorly. But I have also had lots of fun things happening, my crochet groups are going really well, I have had a week away with Mr R. in Greece which was beautiful and have spent time with my lovely grandchildren.

I thought as a quick catch up I would share some photo collages of my recent activities – hope you like them...............

My grandchildren are growing up so quickly and I can't get over how grown up Zachy looks with his new short haircut.

Mandala workshop with some of my beginner crocheters who are all amazing - we have such good fun and get through quite a lot of cake..................

I'm getting through my style craft yarn so when a new delivery arrived I needed the help of my stock controller also known as cheeky Noah - I love those curls.................

I have been busy trying some new things and also some old favourites - always love granny squares but have fallen for my new teddy........................

I have wanted to make peg dolls for ages so had a lovely fun crafting afternoon making this little family - think I need to practice some more though ...................................

I'm loving all the colour in my garden and I can't believe how well the raspberries are doing this year and I have started to pick a few mini courgettes..................

I started another two beginners crochet workshops this week and I need to plan my September classes as Augusts are fully booked - I love my new business........................

Just a few random holiday shots, Greece was so lovely, nothing beats having lovely food and wine so close to the sea and in the sunshine of course..................

Today I’ve got to pack my case again as tomorrow I’m off to see Kate in London for a few days. Poor Kate had a little mishap and is now in plaster for the rest of the Summer - she has been so brave it's hard work at the best of times working full time and having a little one to look after but with only one hand it's been a real struggle.

talk soon x

Friday, 30 May 2014

I'm home.................

Hi everyone it seems such a long time since I've posted. Before I went on holiday life was hectic and even though I had so many things to tell you somehow time just escaped me. I have been loving my crochet workshops and crafternoon teas but they take up an awful lot of time. I hadn't really factored in all the preparation that was required and how much time I would spend baking up tasty treats. I decided that I needed a unique selling point and that was going to be cake but I have to say that is easier said than done, especially if you want to serve everything freshly made. But even though at times I have been exhausted I have found something I really love doing. My heart swells with pride when I see all the lovely crochet creations that my newbie crocheters are making. Just this week one of my very first left handed students who had trouble picking up the stitches sent me a photo of an amazing blanket, another student sent me a photo of an Amigurumi unicorn and another an image of some fab owl bunting. Seeing new crocheters progress so rapidly is such a rewarding experience.

Now that I am home I have decided to pace myself more and I'm having a break over the summer from crafternoon teas. I am concentrating on my crochet workshops, already the beginners June and July sessions are full and I am being asked to put on extra one off workshops in addition to my Heart and Mandala ones. Crochet has become very hip all of a sudden.

Before I forget to tell you my holiday was lovely. I went away with my friend Barbara and we stayed in a beautiful Hotel in Playa Blanca which is in Lanzarote. It was very quiet where we stayed with lovely coastal walks to the Marina. We spent a few lovely sunny mornings walking along the coast and then pottering around a little craft market full of wonderful creations using local lava stone and crystals. I have to confess I didn't take yarn or hooks I just rested and read lots of very easy novels, nothing to tax my tired brain.

 Just a few images to share with you................
Since arriving home I haven't stopped, I've spent time catching up with washing and housework, and with it being half term I've been looking after my little grandsons too. Also a close member of my family is very poorly so I have been spending quite a lot of the week visiting and looking after her.

I will try and post more frequently but the way things are looking time at my computer could be limited, I have dipped into a few of your wonderful blogs but I am so very far behind. Please forgive me if I don't respond to your comments or don't come to visit you as often as usual it's nothing personal just a question of time. I love hearing from you and catching up with your stories so hopefully this will only be a temporary blip and everything will soon be back to normal.

talk soon x

Saturday, 17 May 2014

I must pack today.....................

Sorry I haven't been around much this week and sorry for not replying to your lovely comments. My week has been crazy. I have had crochet club and group, baked for two of my grandsons birthday parties, had a poorly relative to visit, child care commitments and a holiday to get ready for.

Although on a lovely pampering note I have just got back from having my toes and nails painted and they are a sumptuous shade of pink, I love them. I am now in the holiday mood but must get organised as I have to finish packing and cook a few meals for the freezer before I go to bed. I am leaving Mr R at home he is quite able to fend for himself but it makes me feel better if I leave him a few tasty meals.

Not sure I will be able to blog whilst I am away so probably will be back in touch in a week. I'm flying to Playa Blanca in Lanzarote  - can't wait.

talk soon x