Sunday, 7 June 2015

Good Morning ........................

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Shall I start again! I've been thinking that thought for ages and haven't been able to decide. My Blog writing used to be part of my everyday routine it was always on my mind, thinking of things to share with you, always remembering to take photos and then something changed. It happened slowly and then sort of crept up on me and before I knew it I had stopped having anything to say. I suppose this isn't strictly true as I still shared some things on my Sweetpea Facebook page and I had started to fall in love with Instagram.  I think it just became easier to post on Instagram and Facebook, to write a blog post is more intimate, more about me, much more time and thought is required. Not only did I stop writing I also stopped reading Blog posts, but I have started to miss it. I feel like I have lost lots of close friends, I don't know how people are, what they are doing, I miss your lovely comments, your encouragement your friendship.

I hope you will bear with me as I take baby blog writing steps and start again. We all have busy lives so me saying I've been busy shouldn't really be an excuse for my long departure but I really have. I look forward to sharing things with you again and I'm looking forward to catching up with you all.

So glad I've taken the plunge and I'm really looking forward to writing my next post.

talk soon xxx

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Tea Towel - prize draw

We need a quick drum roll, as promised I have just drawn the lucky winner who will receive two Tea Towels from  All Tea Towels  Such a generous giveaway, thank you Al

The lucky winner is Sara who has chosen the Garden Tools and Bramley Tea Towels - they sound adorable. I am so thrilled Sara I will contact you with the delivery details.

Hope everyone is well, talk soon

Friday, 20 February 2015

Tea Towel treat..............

February is racing along and before we know it we will be into March, where does time go? This has become a bit of a theme, I just don't seem to be able to fit everything in and my blog always seems to suffer. Lots of  things have been happening and I have some exciting things to share with you. The lovely people from Stitch Craft Create are going to give me a copy of the new book Hooked as a special give away prize, more details next week.

Also Al from All Tea Towels has contacted me about his lovely designer Tea Towels. Al had seen my blog and wondered if I would like to review the quality of his Tea Towels. Al has a background in Art and Design and runs his business single handedly. I checked out his website and fell in love with the Greengate Tea towels, especially Phoebe Al sent me one to try and also one of his popular slogan Tea Towels, You Complete Meas a Jerry Maguire fan this was perfect!

The Tea Towels arrived really quickly and were beautifully wrapped in tissue paper, they are sent out by first class post which is free for UK orders. The Tea Towels were very soft and they looked even better in the flesh, my favourite is the Phoebe Tea Towel which looks perfect in my kitchen. Before I used them I popped them into the washing machine, following the washing instructions. The colours stayed bright and fresh and were very absorbent when drying the dishes, a job I hate but I was looking forward to putting them straight to work.

Al has kindly offered two Tea Towels of your choice as a little prize, so to enter my little giveaway pop over to Al's website check out his amazing Tea Towels and then pop back over to my blog and leave me a comment with the names of your two favourite Tea Towels. I will then randomly select a winner on the 26th February (my birthday) If you would like to increase your chance of winning you can also follow me on Facebook and leave a comment. You could also visit me on Instagram, all new followers will be added into the draw.

I'm excited for you all can't wait to do the draw.

talk soon xxx

Monday, 2 February 2015

Blog Hop................

A few weeks ago I was asked to review a new Crochet Book and also hook up a few of the amazing motifs featured in the book. I was so thrilled to be asked and have been wanting to show you my super cute creations but it has all been under wraps until today!!!

The lovely people over at Stitch Craft Create are launching a blog hop today to showcase some of the beautiful crochet patterns prior to the books release at the end of March. I was so pleased to be featured on day one of the blog hop, so please click here  and if you are really lucky you might win a copy of this amazing book........................

The book has been written by Michelle Delprat and her two daughters Cecile and Sylvie. The motifs are bright vibrant, quirky and lots of fun to make.

I adore the look and layout of the book, the illustrations are beautiful every page has been styled so simply but with great impact. I guarantee that by the time you have flicked through you will have a very hard task deciding what to make first. It's one of those books that at every page turn you exclaim oh I must make that, so by the time you get to the end you have a must do list as long as your arm.

The majority of the motifs are made with fine yarn and hooks as teeny tiny as 1.00 mm but Michelle advises that you can use any yarn and appropriate hook combination. I mainly used 4ply cotton and a 2.5mm hook but for my bluebird coaster I experimented with a DK cotton.

Some of the patterns are a little tricky but lots are very straightforward so it really suits all abilities. I would start with a little smiley face motif, so simple and will brighten up any day. I'm planning to stitch them onto some cotton draw string bags and they would also be great as mini brooches

As Valentines Day is just around the corner I had a lovely time making some little crochet hearts, I think I will string them to make cute heart bunting or maybe a little brooch for my mum.

You will already know I am a keen baker but these calorie free cupcakes are a sweet treat...............

One of the more quirky design was my blue bird coaster, you can make small, medium and large birds. I chose to make the largest and use it as a coaster for my favourite coffee cup. I used DK cotton yarn and I think a 3mm hook. I think the bird shape looks sweetest when made as a smaller motif but my chunkier large blue bird does make a great coaster.

Michelle,Cecile and Sylvie's simple moto is always to crochet with passion, something which is dear to my heart too. I have had such fun looking through this delightful book and creating some lovely motifs which has been a new form of crochet for me, I now have to think of all of the lovely things I can applique them onto.

In case you're interested, the folk over at Stitch Craft Create have just launched a crochet competition! Show them a photo of a motif you've crocheted and you can win a bundle of crochet goodies. You can upload your image to the competition share board to enter, or just put it on Twitter or Instagram – making sure to use the hashtag #mycrochetmotif (so they can find it). If you need more info, check out their blog. Good luck!

Hope you have a lovely Monday 

Talk soon x

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Comic Relief

I have had a little play and made my first posy I just need some ric rac ribbon. I'm really pleased with it, looking forward to crochet club on Monday where we are all going to make some.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend, talk soon
Sue x

Friday, 30 January 2015


Mr R bought me a little pressie on his way home from work - he certainly knows me well.................

It's full of fab projects including one from our favourite Crochet Queen  Lucy . 

I didn't get my magazine until quite late which in turn meant I didn't get to my bed until very late. But I had fun and have already started to make the little flower corsage.  Hope you all join in and make lots of lovely things and £5 goes to Comic Relief for every copy sold.

talk soon xxx

Saturday, 24 January 2015

My lovely bright morning..........

Good morning it's lovely and bright today it feels almost Springlike. It's so nice to have a lovely bright kitchen it almost makes doing chores fun - well almost!

I'm having fun with my crochet and have lots of projects to share with you. I have always had a few things on the go but at the moment I'm hopping from one thing to another but for a change it doesn't seem to be worrying me. I don't have that nagging thought in the background of needing to finish what I'm currently making before I start something else. I am liking the fact that I have big projects, fiddly projects, and then some lovely simple ones, so I can pick something up depending on my mood or the amount of time I have available. Giving my self permission to project hop is very uplifting - you should try it or maybe you already have!

My projects are also very visible I seem to have a large selection of baskets housing them at the moment so I can see and admire them rather than hiding them away feeling guilty at my neglect.

I started this last night I wanted to experiment with some Spring Colours.

I was inspired to make my next blanket by this lovely Design Seed colour palette, Anita from My Craft Life and Heather from My Patchwork Heart

I love the Stylecraft colours and the blanket pattern is also from Stylecraft 

My favourite project is my beautiful baby blanket for Kate - we are expecting a new granddaughter in March - I can't wait. This is my fiddly project lots of colour change, lots of ends to weave in but it will be so worth it. The yarn is beautiful and I love the shades, it's the first time I have used Rico baby merino it is just adorable but definitely not a budget yarn.

I have been making little flowers and leaves to make one of Lucy's heart hangings.

I have also started my first Crochet Beginners Workshop for 2015 so had to get busy and crochet up some little hook pouches - the flowers also came in handy here.

I have to admit I do have more on the go but I will share them with you another day. Hope you all enjoy a lovely Saturday, talk soon